How to Roll a Joint




Grind down cannabis

Break down your cannabis.


Make a filter

Make a filter.


Make a filter

Lay the paper with glue side up, and place the filter on top of the paper and align with one end.



Make a filter

Place your cannabis on the paper. To roll a cone, sprinkle less cannabis near the filter and more towards the end.


Roll your joint

Fold in the cannabis in the paper and compact the weed so that it is in the shape of a cone. With your fingers behind the joint and your thumbs in front, roll the paper up and down to smooth the cannabis. Once everything is smooth, tuck the paper in front underneath the back, and roll it tight. Lick the glue and press.
Pack the cannabis, by pressing into the open end of the cone or by tapping the joint open side up of the table. Close the open end by rolling or foleding it in.

Light up and enjoy …


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