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How to calculate BMI – BMI Formula and Online BMI Calculator

Despite it’s name – Body Mass Index, BMI does not measure body fat directly. However, research has shown that BMI is moderately correlated with direct measures of body fat, and more importantly BMI appears to be as strongly correlated with various metabolic and disease outcome as the direct measures of body fat.
If you are looking for direct measurements you might be interested in the instruments below, otherwise continue reading.



How is BMI calculated?

Step 1 – height

Multiply your height by itself.

Step 2 – weight

Divide your weight in kilograms by the value calculated in step 1. For US unit multiply your height by 703 and then divide by the value calculated in step 1.

BMI formula - BMI Metric formula | BMI US formula


BMI calculator

  • Units

  • Gender

  • Age

  • Height


  • Weight


  • Height

    ft. in.

  • Weight




  • Underweight

    < 0

  • Healthy weight

    0 - 0

  • Overweight

    0 - 0

  • Obese

    0 - 0

  • Morbidly obese

    > 0

  • Ideal weight

    0 - 0


If your BMI is above or below healthy weight, please refer to the BMR Calculator to find out how many calories you should be taking in daily.


If you would like to calculate how many of your calories come from fat, protein, and carbohydrates, please refer to the Online Grams to Calories Converter.